Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Step by Step

There will come a day when you cease to exist in my world.  The mention of your name will no longer effect me on any level.

Only a couple years ago I remember clearly how you made me feel when I learned you were running an escort service out of your Manhattan apartment and you had Miss J living in that very apartment working as one of your escorts.  Little did I know she wasn't the first since you hadn't been faithful since day one.  I have copies of all the ads you placed on craigslist for those very escort services. Let's see you lie your way out of that!

Why is it that when men are unfaithful women blame themselves? We're too fat, too ugly, not sexy enough, too sexy.  We'll change, we'll diet, we will become what the other woman is to them.  We lose ourselves in the quest to please him.  How ridiculous is that?

Women competing against women for the attention and love of a man who is unworthy of that love.

Women competing against women for the sake of a career and climbing that career ladder.  Women judging other women on their decisions, their diets, their appearance, their children--instead of supporting each other.

We as women and humans are only one bad decision away from that woman, the one using food stamps to feed her family standing in line before you at the grocery store, that woman who we think we are so much better then.  We should be supporting each other not judging.

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