Monday, July 15, 2013

20/20 Vision

If I can use this time as a gift to truly heal--then something positive will have been gained.  When one door closes another one  opens.

I refuse to feel worthless for being fired. You made me feel worthless for eight years, all the while proclaiming to love me.  Just because a person makes a bad decision does not make them a bad person.  The worst decision I ever made was chosing you.  And all  the decisions I made involving you or pertaining to you were not  the best ones.  Blame it on my heart.

All the years you told me I was crazy.  All the times I believed you.  You are the master of crazy making.  You always wanted to be the master of something.  It wasn't I who could not communicate.

This time away from you has helped me to discover who I am, although a part of me will forever be lost.  Your self-righteousness is clearly evident in all your radio and media appearances and rants to other bloggers. You have always loved the limelight.  Perhaps if you could channel that energy toward a better outlet instead of using people in your game of chess. Then maybe you would have a successful consulting business instead of the imaginary one you have. You will need to retain some clients first.  One can not claim to have a million dollar consulting company without any clients. Your entire life is a lie.  You can't even be true to yourself.

It's all so much clearer now--coming into focus--the longer I'm away from you.

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  1. You will get through this. You survived him. You are stronger than you think.