Monday, July 8, 2013

Breaking the Cycle

The other day I came home to find a Federal Express package on my door step.  And what should it be? Who could be sending me something in such a large box?

It was from my former boss at that non-profit agency where they claim to HELP people break the cycle of poverty, unless of course those needing help are employees.

When I opened the box I saw the remnants of my office, two years of my life thrown into a box along with an assortment of pens, a file folder, notebooks, hand lotions, pictures, inspirational plaques, and the miniature Eiffel Tower Christmas ornament I picked up at Target.  Of course things were missing including a personal fax machine and digital camera and why would they throw pens in the box?

My former supervisor is an expert at packaging former employees personal belongings.  She can throw people away like garbage.  Prior to my arrival she had gone through an excessively high number of employees who directly reported to her.  With a twenty year history at the agency, she is the longest standing person there. The CEO may think she is the CEO, but it is a mere title only.

"Whatever you need, we'll be there for you."

Not too many of my former colleagues have reached out to me since my departure. Perhaps they have come to the realization that they too can be disposed of, no matter how good and valuable they are as an employee or they may think they are.  It's all an illusion.  "Words are easy...words are cheap," to quote an Adam Ant song.

I guess it should not surprise me that people are willing to judge me on one misplaced action.  All those people who pretend they are better than everyone else.  The ones who tell little white lies on a daily basis--judging me? All the lies that come off the lips of the leadership team and board members, "We will support you totally."

It's laughable. What would they have done had they been in the exact same situation?  They might like to pretend they would have done something differently. I was desperate to end Prince Charming's PR campaign.  From day one, he always seemed to have more rights than I.

And I have to love the DA Investigator and all he talks about is the rape charge that was no billed.  Seems they totally forgot about the strangulation case and surprisingly photos of those very injuries have strangely disappeared.  Never presented to the original grand jury.  Missing.  Should I be at all surprised considering this is my local police department, the one with an extensive history of corruption. Good thing the officer wrote on the original police report where my physical injuries were and that they had taken photos of the said injuries.  The ER Doctor also documented the injuries extensively and mentioned the police had taken photos.

The body does NOT lie.

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  1. I cancelled my donation pick up when I heard the news. It is so very wrong. Sending you much love.