Monday, October 8, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

I learned last week courtesy of the District Attorneys office that my ex can actually go on any radio show and contact any local media outlet that he wants because he is protected under the First Amendment.  He can also forward any copies of criminal complaints that list my name as the victim because that is public record.  What's next the Maury Povich show?

He's hell bent on revenge it's clear to see and I knew this was how it was going to be.  I was with him for 8 years.  I saw what he did to his former business colleagues who he felt betrayed him.  And since I told his dirty little secret, I'm now number one on his hit list.

Interesting to note that I was bullied by the District Attorneys office to withdraw my petition for a civil order of protection.  Why would the District Attorney's office be involved in a Family Court matter one might wonder?  A civil court no less.  Especially since I'm just a crazy woman from Greece. So much for a newly elected District Attorney and all that hope and change.  Her concern for all the domestic violence cases that were dropped by assistant district attorneys.  It's all talk.

But I'm stronger for everything that he and the criminal justice system put me through.  My body is free of bruises. You took my breath, wind and my spirit.  It's 639 days and counting since I have escaped you.  My mind is healing and learning to believe that I am indeed worthy of everything good. I am not a whore, a stupid bitch or a piece of shit.  You are all those things and more.  A man with no moral compass.

My struggle today is how do I help another victim escape after my experience of not being believed by an investigator who shall remain unnamed.  Yet, helped by the one officer who was a guardian angel to me. He knows who he is and he too shall remain unnamed. It's because of his belief in me that I am where I am today--alive.  He helped me escape and referred me to the proper agencies.  He took my call that fall day around this same time of the year. I asked him one question and he asked me fifty.  I reached out for help.  Despite Prince Charming's rants that no one would ever believe me.  This officer did.

When an investigator calls you a liar?  What should your reply be?

I know what you did to me.  The body does not lie.

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