Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Every Day Heroes, the Accidental Psychic and Other Assorted Characters

Last week marked a very important day for me. One year ago December 22, 2010 I escaped from an 8 year relationship that had become increasingly and alarmingly dangerous.  I did not leave by choice.  The end came abruptly.  I had hoped to write something inspiring that day but alas, the day flew away before I had the opportunity to.  I did manage to send a note of thanks to the hero who helped me get away.  A few helped me on that journey, but he played an important part and I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to him.  Through all the dark days his words of support and encouragement made me stronger.  When legal justice was not to be had because of our local DA's office, I had plenty of dark days, but then I would discover a biblical quote he would send me via e-mail.  I was happy to learn that my Christmas note was the best one he would receive this holiday season.

Speaking of DA's.  I have been invited to the swearing in ceremony of our newly elected individual.  I did not vote for her.  But I plan on attending the ceremony, to remind her.  Yes, I was a victim, but I am no longer a victim.  And I will be watching that office to see how they treat other survivors.  There are a bunch of characters in the local District Attorney's office that seem to be more concerned with the rights of criminals than survivors.

As for the accidental psychic...I met her on a last minute Christmas shopping trip to our local mall. I first became aware of her while I was purchasing some toys for my dog.  I then noticed her again at the Barnes and Noble store, where she approached me and pulled me aside.  She was an ordinary looking woman I would guess to be in her early 50's.  She started the conversation apologizing for her behavior saying that she normally does not do this.  She explained she was a clairvoyant.  She said the minute she spotted me she received images of my being in danger so she felt the need to tell me to be careful.  She went on to say that the person that I loved wanted to hurt me, he had hurt me before, and he was going to do something to hurt me again, or have someone else hurt me.  She grabbed my hand and shoulder while she told me this and urged me to be extremely careful who I came across and let near me. When she brought forth a name that was very similar to my ex's, I was startled.  She said his name was Roy, the man that wanted to hurt me.  She went on to tell me that she was not from the area and was visiting family for the holiday.  She said it appeared "Roy" had the money, the means, and the method to hurt me. She apologized for frightening me and said that normally she would not approach a complete stranger and offer such a reading, but in my case it was drastically different.  The images were too strong for her to ignore.  She ended our conversation by offering to pray that I would be safe, stay safe and be protected. 

So as 2011 draws to a close, I am considering a self defense class and dare I say, a gun permit?

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