Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Judgmental Women

An open letter to Maud Booth:

Those carrying on your legacy are doing so only in words not actions. Judging others such as myself harshly--all under the false umbrella of your name.  Working to break the cycle of poverty--laughable. Core values--meaningless. Fake, false pretenses. There are no limits to caring--unless of course you are an employee, or more aptly described as a member of the family by the CEO herself.

So much for being a gift to the agency.  "Whatever you need from us.  We will be there for you." More lies.  Instead they became judge and jury, found guilty without a trial. Imagine that Maud Booth! The Book of Liars all judgmental women. Superficialness in the first degree, the worst kind. Parading around as do-gooders feeding on gossip and contributing to that very gossip.  All the while claiming to be a faith based organization. Where in the Bible does the Book of Hypocrites exist?

My time there is just another chapter for this book.  Another lesson learned. Never take people at face value.  Sure thought I had already learned that lesson courtesy of Prince Charming, the man with no moral compass.

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