Friday, January 11, 2013

Fade To Black

It's funny how our subconscious mind works. And how often we choose to ignore it.

Somewhere along in my 8 year relationship with Prince Charming, I bought him a DVD of the Diane Lane and Richard Gere film, "Unfaithful".  The movie was filmed in New York City and has some of the most beautiful cinematography (Mercer and Broome Street in Soho).  I fell in love with the imagery and since Prince Charming lived in NYC it was reminiscent of my time in the Big Apple.  Diane Lane looks spectacular in the film and Prince Charming used to claim that he had been mistaken for Richard Gere on numerous occasions. (One of the many tales he spun including his book being optioned by Oliver Stone).

I gave him the DVD under no other pretense other than thinking he too would enjoy the beautiful images in the film.  I find it so ironic now that he was totally "Unfaithful" for the entire 8 years we were together.  He was placing ads on craigslist for live-in girl friends on Christmas Eve in 2008.  Friends have asked what his reaction was when I gave him the DVD.  I can't recall exactly but I do know now that he was a very good actor, most sociopaths are.  Richard Gere has nothing on him.

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